018 Professor Jon Dron

May 24, 2019
Professor Jon Dron was a musician before developing an interest in the professorial lifestyle – and his interest in computers and education. His work in online education spans multiple publications emphasising social media, motivation and online pedagogies. Jon’s work has always sought to challenge and improve online learning practice. Jon and I talked via Skype.
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017 Professor Dirk Tempelaar

May 10, 2019
Associate Professor Dirk Tempelaar teaches mathematics and economics at Maastricht University. Dirk’s teaching makes extensive use of analytics, and his research examines the use of student-facing analytics and learning motivation. Dirk’s classroom is very much his laboratory and he generously shares his journey in this episode. We talked via Skype.
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016 Dr Wayne Mackintosh

April 25, 2019
Dr Wayne Mackintosh is founding director of the OER Foundation, UNESCO / ICDE Chair in OER and coordinator of the OERu, the Open Education Resources universitas. Wayne’s impressive commitment to openness in all its forms – especially open education – is based on a rich background in distance and online learning.
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015 Dr Wayne Holmes

April 11, 2019
Dr Wayne Holmes started as a teacher, film-maker and head of research for an education charity, before moving into academia. His interests in the learning sciences and innovation has led to him researching the application of AI in education and to critical reviews of how education might be enhanced. We talked in the Jennie Lee building at the Open University UK.
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014 Professor Allison Littlejohn

March 29, 2019
Professor Allison Littlejohn is a well-published and project-grounded expert in online education. Her emphasis on learning draws on a rich understanding of adult education and industry-based practice. We talked in the Jennie Lee building at the Open University. Allison's photo available from
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