010 Professor Terry Anderson

February 01, 2019

Emeritus Professor Terry Anderson has contributed a great deal to online education theory and is an active promoter of scholarship. His interactional equivalence theorem and involvement with the Community of Inquiry framework make him a genuine leader & legend of online learning. We talked via Skype.

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009 Associate Professor Maha Bali

January 21, 2019

Associate Professor Maha Bali is an active critic and enthusiastic supporter of online learning. Her work with Virtually Connecting and Equity Unbound are examples of her dedication to improving access and openness online. Maha has an important perspective on online education that I’m certain will inform and challenge you.

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008 Dr Irwin DeVries

January 01, 2019

Dr Irwin DeVries has had an extensive career including heading up Thompson Rivers University's Open Learning Division. Irwin shares what makes him tick, and how the phrase "think student" has shaped his innovation and practice. Irwin is a long-standing advocate of open education and has a rich perspective on technology enhanced learning. He is a recipient of the BCcampus Award for Excellence in Open Education. We talked via Skype.

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007 Professor Laura Czerniewicz

December 14, 2018

Professor Laura Czerniewicz is internationally renowned for her work addressing inequality, open education and digital access. Laura has a broad interest in applying these themes to all areas of higher education. ...

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006 Professor Martin Weller

December 07, 2018

Professor Martin Weller is Professor of Educational Technology with The Open University UK. Martin has a long history in elearning and is well known in the blogosphere for his EdTechie blog (now in its 12th year). Martin has a zeal for open education and social networking that keeps him connected. We chatted in the Jennie Lee building at the Open University.

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