001 Professor Tony Bates

December 05, 2018

Professor Tony Bates is one of the online learning theorists who got me started, and as you'll hear he's had a marvellous career to date. I recorded this interview with Tony in a Milton Keynes pub, so it's a great chat over a pint. Tony talks in particular about the SECTIONS model, covered in his free book. Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/001-Tony-Bates-Final.mp3 | recorded April 2018 Tony's online profile: https://www.tonybates.ca/tonys-publications/tonys-bio/ Teaching in a Digital Age (free eBook): https://opentextbc.ca/teachinginadigitalage/ Major works: https://tonybates.wpengine.com/tonys-publications/my-books/ Blog: https://www.tonybates.ca/ Twitter: @DrTonyBates

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