022 Dr Manolis Mavrikis

July 18, 2019
Dr Manolis Mavrikis is Reader in Learning Technologies with the University College London's Knowledge Lab and leads the Masters in Educational Technology. Manolis is also one of the Editors of the British Journal of Educational Technologies. His work involves the use of Artificial Intelligence and analytics in support of classroom teaching. I found Manolis's mention of 'delegating' tasks to AI to support student and the use of learning analyt...
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021 Dr David Porter

July 04, 2019
Dr David Porter is an advocate for internationally open educational resources and improving their reputation. He is well placed to do so, as CEO of eCampus Ontario. David talks of the opportunities and infrastructure available through eCampus Ontario in support of the development and uptake of OER.
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020 Adjunct Professor Dr Mark Bullen

June 20, 2019
Dr Mark Bullen has extensive international experience across distance education, e-learning and educational technology. His work is particularly focussed on the digital learner, though his contribution to the field goes much further.
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019 Professor Paul Prinsloo

June 06, 2019
Professor Paul Prinsloo is Professor of Business Management with the University of South Africa, with a broad distance education background in administration, instructional design and more recently as an academic. His research is concerned with the student experience, the ethics of learning analytics and student supervision.
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018 Professor Jon Dron

May 24, 2019
Professor Jon Dron was a musician before developing an interest in the professorial lifestyle – and his interest in computers and education. His work in online education spans multiple publications emphasising social media, motivation and online pedagogies. Jon’s work has always sought to challenge and improve online learning practice. Jon and I talked via Skype.
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