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Leaders & Legends of Online Learning interviews the world's leading online education theorists and practitioners. Dedicated to the experts. Check out our website for more on each guest: http://onlinelearninglegends.com
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  1. 030 Shanan Holm

    Shanan Holm is Chief Technology Officer with Open Polytechnic and General Manager of iQualify, a popular, home-grown online learning management system that began life as an intrapreneurial lean startup. Shanan’s career has more of an IT background than our other guests however his broad-based work in education technology continues to ...


  2. 029 Distinguished Professor Rich Mayer

    Distinguished Professor Rich Mayer is a psychologist who, in his own words, is engaged in “applying the science of learning to education”. Rich’s insight is well-grounded in research, and his work will be of interest to all seeking to provide effective education online. ...


  3. 028 Distinguished Professor Emeritus Michael G. Moore

    Named as “one of the 128 most important, influential, innovative and interesting thinkers on education of all time” (The Routledge Encyclopedia of Educational Thinkers, 2016), Distinguished Professor Emeritus Michael G. Moore is internationally recognized for establishing the scholarly study of distance education, nowadays widely referred to as e-learning and online ...


  4. 027 Adjunct Professor Diane Janes

    Adjunct Professor Diane Janes has a strong history as an online educator across Canada. Across her career to date she has worked in instructional design, online teaching and education leadership, and her breadth of scholarship and well-grounded perspective make this a very interesting interview. ...


  5. 026 Professor Sandra Wills

    Sandra Wills recently retired as Professor and Pro Vice Chancellor of Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia. Sandra has as very broad experience across education spanning four decades and her work in multimedia, distance and e-learning is internationally recognised. ...